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Our Services

SiamSportsPro works with organizations in various industries based in Phuket and Thailand to provide coaches, facility management and advisory services to both existing projects and projects under development.

Our products and services are designed specifically to complement your existing business with minimal impact on your operations, especially with global brands who have local market restrictions and requirements from their corporate offices.

We provide coaches on demand or full time, operational know-how, custom built facility booking and management systems, member management systems, financial models and more.

We take the operational burden and risk off you so you can focus on what you do best. 

Who We Work With


After school programs, part time and full time sports coaches, sports training curriculums, kids development programs and facility management systems

Hotels & Resorts

Private and group sports coaching services leveraging unused hotel facilities by offering smart booking platforms and services to hotel guests


We provide coaches on demand and booking systems to apartment complexes, villa developments and housing projects, both existing and new, which have sports facilities

Sport Facilities

We work with gyms, fitness centers, tennis, swimming, badminton, football facilities and more to provide coaches, operating models and booking systems

Utilize the Underutilized

You need more business but don’t want the risk of hiring and managing more people. 

You want to offer more services to your guests, residents or pupils but it’s difficult to predict the seasonality especially during these extraordinary times. 

You want to stand out from the competition with excellent customer service while lowering your overheads.

Contact us, we can help.

What We Do


We provide professional tennis coaches, fitness, golf, swimming, yoga, Muay Thai and running instructors; on demand, part time or full time


Kids and adult development programs, group class schedules and long term training programs from beginner to advanced

Guest Services

English and Thai guest services to answer enquiries, make and adjust bookings, process invoices and adjustments, manage group class attendance and more

Booking Systems

We use our own in-house developed booking platform to manage your facility, guest itineraries, payments, rosters, bookings and rescheduling; including your existing services