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How do I know what ITN level I am?

Getting Started with the International Tennis Number (ITN) System

If you’re a tennis enthusiast striving to evaluate and understand your current skill level, the International Tennis Number (ITN) system is here to provide clarity. The ITN categorizes players into different levels, enabling better comprehension of individual capabilities and helping us keep players of similar skill levels together in our group classes.

In this article we’ll explore each ITN level, which we’ve categorised from starter to elite, with a brief summary of the characteristics and abilities associated with each level.

Starter ITN Levels

ITN 10.3 – This is the level of all players at the absolute beginning of their tennis journey.  In this early stage of tennis skill development, players primarily focus on learning basic coordination tasks and exercises. Simple tennis-specific movements and fundamental skills are introduced to lay a strong foundation.  

ITN 10.2 – Players at this level have progressed to develop simple tennis-specific skills, allowing them to consistently hit an incoming ball. However, rallying with movement and control is still a skill that needs further refinement.

ITN 10.1 – Players at this stage have acquired the ability to rally with movement and control, showcasing improved coordination and foundational stroke execution.

"You have to believe in yourself when no one else does."

Serena Williams

Recreational ITN Levels

ITN 10 – Players at this level start to engage in competitive play, demonstrating the ability to serve, rally, and score on a full court using a regular ITF-approved Yellow ball.

ITN 9 – Players at this level benefit from on-court experience, showing proficiency in completing strokes with some success.

ITN 8 – At this stage, players can judge and control where the ball is going, sustaining short rallies with relative consistency.

“I'm a very positive thinker, and I think that is what helps me the most in difficult moments.”

Roger Federer

Intermediate Levels

ITN 7 – Players at this level exhibit fair consistency when hitting medium-paced shots. While not yet comfortable with all strokes, they are developing control over depth, direction, and power.

ITN 6 – Players at this level showcase an aggressive net play, improved court coverage, enhanced shot control, and are starting to develop teamwork in doubles matches.

ITN 5 – This level indicates players with dependable strokes, including directional control and depth on both groundstrokes and moderate shots. Players can utilize lobs, overheads, approach shots, and volleys with moderate success.

"To be honest, I think bananas are a pathetic fruit."

Andy Murray

Advanced ITN Levels

ITN 4 – Players at this level possess the ability to generate power and spin, handle pace, exhibit sound footwork, and control the depth of their shots. They can adapt their game plan according to opponents and have a strong serve, utilizing power and spin effectively.

ITN 3 – Players at this level demonstrate good shot anticipation, frequently possessing an outstanding shot or attribute around which they structure their game. They consistently hit winners, force errors off short balls, and excel in putting away volleys and smashes. They exhibit versatility in their serves.

ITN 2 – At this level, players possess either power or consistency as a major weapon. They showcase the ability to vary strategies and playing styles in competitive situations. Typically, these players hold a national ranking.

“Everybody believes in something... Most of all, we should believe in ourselves.”

Novak Djokovic

Elite ITN Level

ITN 1 – The pinnacle of the ITN system, this level represents players who have undergone intensive training for national tournament competition at both the junior and senior levels. They have extensive professional tournament experience and currently hold or have the capability to hold an ITF/ATP/WTA ranking.

Determining Your ITN Level

If you’re just starting out or play mostly recreationally, you can self-assess based on the characteristics we’ve gone through in this article.  This will get you going alongside the right player levels in our group classes and match you with good opponents.

As you progress, our qualified coaching team will help refine your ITN level and ensure you’re progressing well between our various levels of coaching and classes.

We hope to welcome you to our tennis academy soon!

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